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First lady will host Paul Sarzoza of Phoenix, Arizona, the owner of a small facilities services co

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By Betsy Klein and Arlette Saenz, CNN Published 5:00 AM EST, Tue February 7, 2023

Jill Biden’s State of the Union guests include Tyre Nichols’ parents, Bono, Ukraine ambassador, Paul Pelosi

....The first lady’s 26 guests represent key administration priorities and accomplishments like infrastructure, mental health, climate and health care. They also represent issues the administration has confronted in the past year: support for Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion, antisemitism, the overdose epidemic, support for same-sex marriage, increased political polarization, mass shootings, a renewed national conversation on justice in policing and women’s reproductive health. “Each of these individuals were invited by the White House because they personify issues or themes to be addressed by the President in his speech, or they embody the Biden-Harris Administration’s policies at work for the American people,” the office of the first lady said in a statement.

Here are the guests and the stories they represent....

CHIPS and Science Act

The president is also expected to herald the CHIPS and Science Act passed last year, a bill aimed at boosting domestic production of semiconductor chips. The first lady will host Paul Sarzoza of Phoenix, Arizona, the owner of a small facilities services company that services a major semiconductor manufacturing company, TSMC. TSMC is expanding in Phoenix due to the legislation and “to keep up with the increased demand for his company’s services, Sarzoza plans to hire 150-200 employees in the next year,” the White House said, demonstrating the “economic plan at work.”

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