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Welcome to Verde Earth

Verde Earth is the name of our Green Seal certified (GS-42) eco-friendly cleaning program. It's also our plan for the future: a greener, more sustainable planet.

We're Green Seal Certified!

Last year, Verde committed to creating a green cleaning program that used 100% green daily use products, equipment, and processes by 2024.  We are pleased to announce that our Verde Earth program was audited by Green Seal on April 16, 2024 and received GS-42 certification and third-party validation on May 2, 2024!  Hooray!

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Small Carbon Footprint. Bigfoot-sized Impact.

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Even small changes can have a big impact on our beautiful earth.  At Verde, we’re environmental advocates,  LEED specialists, recycling experts, composting nerds, and promoters of products and equipment that are safe for people and the planet. Let Verde help you green-up your facilities!

What's up with Bigfoot?

Meet Sage Sasquatch, an important member of the Verde Vibes Crew! Standing tall at 8 feet and weighing in at a whopping 600 pounds, this friendly earth-loving bigfoot roams the Earth without leaving a trace. Sage reminds us that you can leave a big imprint on the world without leaving a big carbon footprint. We hope when you see Sage, you're inspired to make greener, more sustainable choices for work, home, and travel.


Garden Soil

Verde Earth

Our green cleaning program, Verde Earth, utilizes high-performance green cleaning products and techniques approved and tested by trusted industry third-party environmental entities to:

  • emit fewer harmful compounds

  • improve indoor air quality for building occupants

  • mitigate cross contamination

  • ensure health and safety for humans and the environment


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Why Clean Green?

Protect your people and your planet. The EPA has confirmed that many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that have a negative effect on full-time employees, tenants, residents and maintenance staff. Exposure to these chemicals, either through inhalation or skin absorption, can increase adverse health risks such as reproductive problems and eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. Use and disposal of many cleaning chemicals can also have negative environmental impacts including air and water pollution, bioaccumulation of toxic substances in plants and animals, endocrine disruption in wildlife, and ozone depletion.

Restoration Work

We’ve committed to planting at least 25,000 trees each year, and 150,000 trees by 2030. We focus our restoration efforts in four areas: Kenya’s mangroves, Canada’s kelp forests, Haitian farmlands, and Oregon burn zones. When we plant trees, they benefit humans and habitats, and they strengthen the ecological systems that provide the clean air and water we all need. Every time we share our story with a potential client, we replant for you.

V's up if your feelin' those #VerdeVibes!

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