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Full transcript: President Biden during TSMC ceremony highlighting Arizona jobs and Verde CEO

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

December 6, 2022

Read the full transcript from President Biden's speech at the First Tool Install Ceremony for TSMC, including his recounting of Paul's story. Biden talks about how Paul grew up picking seasonal produce in Arizona, studied business in college, launched a cleaning business that ultimately landed the first non-construction contract with TSMC. Verde is one of "countless stories....across the country, where people are benefiting from what [TSMC] is doing," states Biden. The transcript also includes references to other attendees including political and business dignitaries like Senator Kelly and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Check it out here or go to White House Briefing Room > Speeches and Remarks:

Photo Credit: Verde Clean | Paul Sarzoza meeting President Joe Biden in person at the TSMC Opening Ceremony

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